LEE BREUER  “My creativity is a God-given talent and I pray every day for guidance in my creative work and that it be God’s will that directs me in all I do.  I have been blessed with a wonderful life, family, and faith in Jesus Christ. I hope to bring honor to Him by sharing my talents with you.” -Lee Breuer                               
Because I use broad layers of vibrant color to evoke a sense of movement, time, and place, my paintings share a style of 'chromatic impressionism' introduced by such composers as Debussey and Grieg. Light, music, and color come together in my paintings to create a sense of movement. From the swaying of the Carolina Palmettos to the undulating wake of a shrimp boat to the vibrations of the cello, I feel that my work imbues a feeling of fluidity and anticipation. I have been influenced by a wide variety of artists - from the impressionists and post-impressionists Lautrec, Daumier, Cezanne, and Van Gogh to the illustrations of Dr. Seuss. The formative influences of my youth were my uncle, artist Scholten "Casey" Jones from Ty Ty,Georgia and Ben Hampton, whose studio was located in my boyhood home of East Ridge, Tennessee, just outside of Chattanooga. I paint from personal emotions evoked from places I have been, stories I have read, and experiences I have had.