BONNIE GIEGER  has always been fascinated by baskets.  She learned to weave in 1999 and spent the next ten years as a solitary weaver who perfected her skills with practice and many hours of trial and error.After retiring from a professional career, Bonnie devoted her time to learning about basketry art from prominent national basketry artists.  While she enjoys creating baskets that serve a useful purpose, her main interest lies in creating the unusual.  Today she uses a wide range of natural and fabricated materials, metals, papers, wires, found embellishments, and anything her husband leaves lying around the yard to create award winning designer baskets and woven sculptures.

Bonnie‚Äôs second passion is teaching.  She delights in conducting weaving classes that range across the whole spectrum of skills from beginner to artistic designer.  She teaches at the Village Artists and several locations throughout the Midlands.